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We wouldn’t think of serving anything but the finest beers, wines, and spirits to our guests. Take a gander at our drink menus to find something to satisfy your thirst. There’s a reason we won the Delaware Reader’s Choice Best Beer Selection award. We carry over 200 Belgian beers!

Private Events

Our private event space allows us to serve up to 26 people for your personal or business event. Celebrate with a little bit of history.

Jessops Tavern, New Castle, DE

The Story of Jessop’s Tavern

The three-hundred-year-old building that now houses Jessop’s Tavern was originally built in 1674. A cooper named Abraham Jessop lived here and worked at his barrel-making business here in 1724. Throughout the years, 114 Delaware Street has seen many changes. From residential housing to other businesses, 114 has stood the test of time along with the other historic buildings located in Olde New Castle. During the 1950s, it was known as the Captain’s Log Restaurant, and in 1974 it was The Green Frog Tavern. In November 1996, the Day Family opened the tavern as it is now and named it after Abraham Jessop.

What Jessop’s Tavern Means to Food & Beer

We strive to be reflective of the American food history that shaped what we eat today, representative of the English, Dutch, Belgian, and Swedish presence in this region. All influences are comprised in a fashion of which we are now accustomed. Our kitchen strives to maintain authenticity in our Bill of Fare. You will see Dutch cheeses, Belgian favorites, English pub fare, Swedish sauces, and old American dishes. Our chef hand selects all of our seafood to assure freshness. All of our sauces and dressings are made in-house, and much of the baking is done here, as well.

Our bar offers unique beers from around the world and the USA, with a special focus on Belgian beers. Years of hard work have allowed us to offer over 300+ Belgian beer bottles and 30 draft offerings with 20 drafts dedicated to Belgians.

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Our Mission

To serve History at Jessop’s Tavern, one of our purposes is to bring history up-to-date. We strive to do this by catering to the tastes of each new generation and by considering modern practices and present-day standards. That’s why, at Jessop’s Tavern, we want our customers to experience the extraordinary cuisine of a time considered ordinary.

A Message From the Owners

Since the time we opened Jessop’s Tavern, our purpose has been to create a memorable experience while serving history in Olde City New Castle. We thank you for your patronage as we remain your Most Humble Servants.

– Day Family

Jessop’s Tavern
114 Delaware St
New Castle, DE 19720


Monday - Thursday
11:30 AM - 9:00 PM 
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